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Up to 60% off in our HUGE SUMMER SALE
Up to 60% off in our HUGE SUMMER SALE

ZAO Makeup - Bamboo Duo Palette

  • Description
  • How to use
  • An empty bamboo palette designed for using with the Rectangle Eyeshadows. This magnetic, plastic free eyeshadow palette contains a mirror and sponge eyeshadow applicator for precise application.

    Choose from 2 of the Rectangle Eyeshadows to complete your palette.

    The bamboo used for ZAO Makeup's packaging is sourced in China where it is processed on site. Bamboo has an exceptional growth rate making it a champion of carbon capture during its life cycle. This is why ZAO Makeup has a minimal carbon footprint.

  • Fill your eyeshadow palette with the refill rectangle eyeshadows from ZAO Makeup.